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July 2013

Two new chromogenic media

For the identification of Vibrio and Enterococcus speciescontinue reading

July 2013

New Conda's Hemoculture Brochure

Hemocultures are control systems for microbial contamination in the blood, generally used in hospitals, clinics, etc. They basically consist of neutral glass flasks containing the culture medium,...continue reading

July 2013

Download our Quality Control Certificates from our Web

From June 1st we do no longer include a hard copy version of quality controls within your order.continue reading

April 2013

Your Agarose Gel in one minute!

Making your agarose gel has never been easier!continue reading

April 2013

Antibiotic Susceptibility Test Culture Media

Determination of bacterial resistance to antimicrobials is an important part of the management of infections in patients.continue reading

April 2013

Copper's antibacterial properties

Copper, both as a metal and in alloys, has many useful characteristics which account for its continuous wide use. These include high thermal and electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance,...continue reading

April 2013

New Conda's Industrial Microbiology Brochure

A quick guide to find out the culture media you need depending on the application requirementscontinue reading

April 2013

Quality Control Certificates

From June 1st onwards we will no longer include a hard copy version of quality controls within your order. Individual quality control documents will be online and available for download at...continue reading

January 2013

Most Frequent Questions of Chromogenic Media

Conda has developed a document which includes the most frequently asked questions of Chromogenic Media. continue reading

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