Enjoy these sessions dedicated to NGS along with our experts.


Immunogenomics to accelerate immunotherapy—New solutions for T-cell and B-cell receptor profiling.


Beatriz Tome, PhD. Technical Support Specialist in NGS at Takara Bio Europe.


Differences between CD4+ and CD8+ expanded T-TILs from breast cancer biopsies.


Andrea Aran, PhD Candidate at IBB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).


Single cancer cell analysis for biomarker discovery.


Samuel Bouvet, PhD. Head of Sales and Tech Support, EMEA at Takara Bio Europe.


Identification of CNVs in embryo biopsies using the SMARTer PicoPLEX WGA kit in the context of PGT-A.


Jairo Rodríguez, PhD. R&D Director at qGenomics.


Complementary products in a NGS workflow.


Laura Fernández, Product Manager for Molecular and Cellular Biology at Condalab.


New advances in sonication technology with the PIXUL multi-sample sonicator.


Anne-Sophie Berthomieu, PhD. PIXUL Field Application Specialist at Active Motif S.A.


ATAC-Seq and CUT&Tag in chromatin research.


Stefan Dillinger, PhD. Technical Support Specialist at Active Motif.


Chromatin regulation during epithelial to mesenchymal transition.


Jose Carlos Reyes, PhD. Director of the Department of Genome Biology at CABIMER.


New solutions for preimplantation genetic testing powered by PicoPLEX technology.


Samuel Bouvet, PhD. Head of Sales and Tech Support, EMEA at Takara Bio Europe.


Metagenomics in the academia: technical approaches, challenges and future perspectives.


Pedro González, PhD. Co-Founder, CEO and COO at Microomics Systems.


Making Genetics, from the genomic data to biomarkers: presentation of the services and research and development projects of the company.


Javier Campión, PhD. Manager and Scientific Director at Making Genetics S.L.