Yeast Nitrogen Base w/o Added Aminoacids and w/o Ammonium Sulfate

For yeast classification based on carbon and nitrogen requirements.
Yeasts Differentiation
Culture media for Molecular biology
Pack size*
500 g


Biotin 2.0E-6 Boric acid 0.0005
Calcium chloride 0.1 Calcium patothenate 0.0004
Ferric chloride 0.0002 Folic Acid 2.0E-6
Inositol 0.002 Magnesium sulfate 0.5
Manganase sulfate 0.0004 Monopotassium phosphate 1
Niacin 0.0004 P-Aminobenzoic acid 0.0002
Potassium iodide 0.0001 Riboflavin 0.0002
Sodium chloride 0.1 Sodium molybdate 0.0002
Thiamine hydrochloride 0.0004 Zinc sulfate 0.0004
Cupric Sulphate 4.0E-5
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