Published: 15/12/22 13:31 Categories: Microbiology


Condalab has obtained this seal granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation thanks to its vocation and proven innovative activity in the field of life sciences.  


The company's trajectory in the field of culture media for microbiology and molecular biology, agars, agarose, peptones and other reagents for diagnostics and research, incorporating, for more than 50 years, new products with its own design, has contributed to this achievement.   


We consider this seal as a reward for our constant quest to evolve and to continue our commitment to the development of new cultivation techniques. 


The Innovative SME Seal provides us with social recognition and benefits that will boost our growth and that of our clients. 


The inclusion of Condalab in the registry would not have been possible without the collaboration and innovative commitment of each and every one of the members of the Condalab team, it is a source of pride for us that is now rewarded.  


We would like to thank all Condalab's stakeholders, team, clients, suppliers and shareholders for their contribution in obtaining this seal. All of them have contributed to facilitating R&D&I work since the founding of the company.