Published: 23/09/20 11:51 Categories: Microbiology

Bottlenecks and solutions in Legionella spp. control 


Surveillance of Legionella spp. has become one of the most important parameters to control, especially in artificial water structures such as cooling towers or air conditioning systems. 


This prevention must be carried out to avoid outbreaks of Legionellosis, the disease caused by these microorganisms, and especially Legionella pneumophila, which is the cause of the vast majority of cases of acute pneumonia. 



Currentlythis bacterium and 2 other parameters are included in the tests carried out to rule out COVID-19 pneumonia. 


The methodology to perform the analysis of Legionella spp. is time consuming and complex as multiple culture media are required to do so and incubating times can become bottlenecks. 


Join us in our CondalabTalk to learn from our Product Managers all the details of the traditional method, as well as other alternative techniques, so that you can easily implement your method for the detection of Legionella spp.