Published: 13/03/20 12:48 Categories: Microbiology


We present a new unique system of strain preservation, CRYOPRESERVE BEADS. We have taken advantage of the microorganisms' capacity to survive at low temperatures, and along with our broth supplemented with cryoprotectant and porous cryobeads, we obtain a simple and safe method for the long-term preservation of microorganisms.  


Can I use CRYOPRESERVE BEADS in my laboratory? 


Of course! These products are designed to be used in any microbiological laboratory regardless of your industry: 



What are the advantages? 


  • No limitations for bacteria, fungi, yeasts and fastidious organism
  • Preserves the original characteristics of the strains 
  • Time and space-saving: 25 subcultures per cryotube 
  • Simple ranking system: Available in 5 colours 
  • More efficient than other preservation methods 

          We have the following products at your disposal:


          For more information on the product and to learn more about its advantages, please contact us.