Our long history of more than 60 years as a national manufacturer of culture media for microbiology makes us the first choice for many analysts and laboratory technicians. In addition to our extensive catalog of culture media and reagents, you can find innovative solutions for rapid pathogen detection by qPCR and key ingredients such as peptones, extracts and performance enhancers for your bioprocesses.




Discover all

our recognized

culture media indehydrated

and ready-to-use


Chromogenic media CondaChrome®


High specificity culture media due to its special composition. Identifies bacteria at a glance thanks to its unique and characteristic colors.

Condagene® qPCR rapid pathogen detection


Faster, simpler and easier

to implement

microbiological analysis

in your laboratory.


Ingredients for bioprocesses


Peptones and extracts for your microbiological cultures and our Condalow® line for your cell cultures.


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Clinical diagnosis

Food safety

Water analysis 




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