Condalab's new real-time qPCR detection kits. 

Faster, straightforward microbiological analyses that are easy to implement in your laboratory.

Molecular diagnosis by real-time qPCR as an alternative to traditional methods.  

At Condalab we understand the needs that each laboratory has in terms of food safety: speed, reliability, sensitivity, specificity... there is no compromise when it comes to these concepts. If you would like to improve your processes, do not hesitate. Condagene® is the best solution.

Until now, traditional culture techniques have been the best ally when it comes to reliability in microbiological analysis. But thanks to Condagene® you will have a faster and simpler way to perform your analyses, offering an ideal complement to your usual techniques.


Reduces working days by one, two or more, depending on the procedure and your result.


Thanks to the use of specific probes, negative results do not require confirmation by culture.


The presence of microorganisms of interest can be detected using a minimum amount of genetic material.


As it only detects the target DNA, accompanying flora does not interfere.

Simple Protocols

Less manipulation and use of reagents than in traditional microbiology.


Makes it possible to automate processes for laboratories with a large number of samples.

What makes Condagene® different?

To ensure suitability and reliability, we have implemented a UNG control that eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. 

Compatible with viability PCR, removing free DNA and reducing false positives. 

Reagents are stable at room temperature, which reduces transport and storage problems. 

By homogenizing the Ct of our detection kits, you will be able to identify different pathogens in the same PCR.

All Condagene® advantages at a very competitive cost €/sample compared to traditional methods.

Can I easily implement Condagene®
in my laboratory?  

At Condalab we understand how difficult it is for laboratories to introduce a new analytical method. In order to make it easier for you, all the necessary documentation for implementing Condagene® products is provided: instructions for use, stability studies, verification reports, etc.  

In addition, many of our products are based on international standards published and accepted by the scientific community, thus avoiding time-consuming method validation and requiring only a simple verification in your laboratory.  

For further information, download the Condagene® brochure

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Condagene® Products  

Sample treatment  

Viability reagent

DNA extraction kits

Ref. 6502

Condagene® ViableCell Reagent

Ref. 6500

Condagene® Complex Extraction Kit

Ref. 6501

Condagene® Quick Extraction Kit

Viability reagent

Ref. 6502

Condagene® ViableCell Reagent

DNA extraction kits

Ref. 6500

Condagene® Complex Extraction Kit

Ref. 6501

Condagene® Quick Extraction Kit

Pathogen detection kits  

Ref. 6515

Condagene® Salmonella spp

Ref. 6516

Condagene® Listeria monocytogenes

Ref. 6517

Condagene® Legionella  spp

Condalab's R&D team continues to develop new qPCR detection kits.

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