Microorganisms widely distributed and involved in a huge number of food-borne infections due to the production of different types of toxins. In addition to these toxins, some of them thermostable at 100ºC, the production of spores gives these microorganisms the ability to contaminate food, even resisting the most common processing conditions in any food industry. 

In Condalab we are aware of the information is never enough when it comes to ensuring the consumer´s health. To do so, we put at your disposal this straightforward document with the ISO 7932:2004. 


What will you find in our workflow? 

  • The reference method according for the enumeration of presumptive Bacillus cereus. 
  • References for all the products required to implement the detection method.  
  • Relevant information concerning this group of bacteria and its epidemiology.  


Download it now and don't miss your chance to obtain the protocol according to ISO!