These bacteria are found on our skin and depending on the conditions they can become opportunistic pathogens. Therefore, by handling food, some toxin-producing strains can also cause infections in the digestive tract. 


Fortunately, these pathogens and their coagulase production capacity become an opportunity to confirm their nature, and thus guarantee food safety. 

In Condalab we are aware of the information is never enough when it comes to ensuring the consumer´s health. To do so, we put at your disposal this straightforward document with the ISO 6888:2003. 


What will you find in our workflow? 

  • The reference method according for detection and count oCoagulase-Postive Staphylococi. 
  • References for all the products required to implement the detection method.  
  • Relevant information concerning this group of bacteria and its epidemiology.  


Download it now and don't miss your chance to obtain the protocol according to ISO