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Microbiology experts, helping you with your industrial processes

We know that starting an industrial fermentation project can be difficult, each process has its own qualities and working with microorganisms and cell cultures can generate a viability difficult to solve.

The first step is to screen the ingredients with the most beneficial effect for your cell type. To make your choice easier, Condalab offers a series of packs focused on the main industries, with our best culture media and bioingredients for each case.

All the products in the Pack are sold in 100 gram format.

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Recombinant E coli

Leading culture media for the production of recombinant proteins

Bacterial vaccines

To promote the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins.


Not everything is bacteria, processes with yeasts and fungi must also be calibrated.


Our low endotoxin peptones to optimize your CHO and HEK culture media

E coli recombinant


Means and ingredients for the most famous bacteria, no animal source needed

Bacterial vaccines


Find your animal-free ingredient to make your vaccines


Microorganism specially used for the production of probiotics.


For biofertilizer and
biostimulant production

In our brochures you will find more information about culture media, raw materials and their performance in fermentations.

Experts in microbiology,
helping you with your industrial processes

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